Consider The Boyfriend Blueprint your personal connection to earth's most elusive creature: MAN. Who is MAN? Why does MAN act like this? You feel like you're speaking a different language with MAN -- because you are. As a married MAN, I'd be humbled and honored to break MAN down for you step-by-step, piece-by-piece, so welcome to my home.


No need to wipe your feet or
remove your shoes at the door, friends.
Simply step inside.

Hey y'all!
I'm dating coach Ryan Patrick!

About a decade ago, I found myself lost and broken for years after an ex walked away from me. A stranger at my gym helped me see that my solution was actually buried in my pain…

Once I realized I could get back to happiness by helping others who were experiencing the same pain I was, the lightbulb clicked on for me. I’ve been a dating coach ever since.

Ironically, the journey I took to finding happiness again is very similar to the one you’ll take with me in The Boyfriend Blueprint.

We’ll systematically work from your past to realign your core values, let go of old, outdated pain and build a new engine in you that drives you towards a successful, sustainable relationship with a man you’ve carefully curated into your life.


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Take one of my quizzes to see how he's actually perceiving you in a variety of different situations. You'll get several real-life simulations and **instant feedback** with how you did.

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"I made this course because too many “gurus” out there emphasize how to win a guy over without ever mentioning how to win yourself over first. The “blueprint” is that deeper look at achieving self-fulfillment, and then knocking boys’ socks off with what you had there all along."

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