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Ryan Patrick is one of the leading dating & relationship coaches for women on Youtube with over 330,000 subscribers worldwide. Since 2014, he's coached thousands of women 1-on-1 to achieve the success and satisfaction they desire with high-quality, relationship-seeking men in the US, UK, Canada & Australia.

The Boyfriend Blueprint Brings Out
The Very Best In Me. Here's Why...

Most of you may not know my story of how I became a dating & relationship coach. Honestly, the road is ironically similar to the one you’ll be walking down with me if you join The Boyfriend Blueprint™.

Let me explain...

After an ex broke my heart back in 2009, I was a lost soul for nearly three years. I didn’t know the difference between right and left, nor up and down...

I remember thinking I’d never be able to tell the right woman from the wrong woman ever again, so why try?

After sloshing around the bottom of the barrel in self-pity for more months than I care to admit, I found a man at my gym, a hypnotherapist named Jim, who would eventually brand me with a new set of eyes...

Jim would help me see my solution was actually deeply buried in my own problem...

The only way to climb out of the sorrow was to help others in situations similar to my own.

The irony was almost suffocating... but I went with it...

I gave close friends and family an outside perspective on their dating & relationship troubles. It helped my own pain subside. It felt good to help those close to me in this way.

And my advice started working… It started working really, really well, in fact.

They started sharing their positive experiences of taking my advice to their friends… who started referring more friends… who, well, kept on sharing, gratefully.

And what was even more of a shock was... my advice began working for my own dating life…

In 2012, I met my beautiful wife, Brittney. She and I would become that “power couple” that would never take ‘No’ for an answer, in any sense. 

2014 was the year Brittney helped me become a full-time dating & relationship coach.

I’m sharing this with you, because out of some of my darkest days as a hurt, 20-something came to life a man who had an unparalleled clarity with dating & relationships...

Because of that, I passionately invite you to link an arm with me and allow me to show you what I’ve learned about discovering that deep-rooted love and connection - with yourself - first.

From there, we’ll get to “brass tacks” and figure this whole dating thing out together, once and for all.

Thank you for considering me to be your coach for this new endeavor in your life.

It humbles me to no end.

May your men be magnanimous & merry,

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