Get full-blown, in-depth knowledge about dating's most core inflection points with advanced video trainings straight from Ryan himself. If you love Ryan's Youtube channel, then you're absolutely going to love his nuanced online courses.

Finding The Guy Through Finding Yourself First.

Now available for the first time! Immerse yourself in Ryan's most popular flagship program in this 100% self-study experience that includes over 5 hours of video content, downloadable worksheets and accountability emails to keep you on schedule. 

(PLEASE NOTE** This program is a deeper personal development program for those who may be divorced, widowed, or in the process of exiting a toxic relationship and want to "get back in the game" that women ages 23-71 have successfully passed through.)

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The Online Dating
Field Guide

Master the art of online dating with Ryan's inside tips and tricks on everything from creating a magnetic profile to converting online messaging with men into in-person dates. 

  • 4 ½-Hour Video Course Broken Up Into 3 Modules

  • Downloadable Worksheets + Resources

  • Lifetime Access To All Course Materials


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The Texting
Field Guide

Crush your texting convos with men *instantly* through this highly-focused training by Ryan on how to handle the 10 most common texting scenarios with the men you like.

  • 1 ½-Hour Video Course 

  • 10 Texting Scenarios

  • 30 Response Options

  • Lifetime Access To All Course Materials


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The Field Guides Bundle

Buy both guides together for some sweet savings!


(33% Savings!)

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Online Dating Free Training

Watch Ryan's 30-minute FREE training to find out how to get better online dating results immediately with Ryan's 5 top tips and start attracting higher quality men to your online dating profiles.

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Dating Confidence Masterclass

Sign up to be in Ryan's next wave of Masterclass students to learn how to improve both your surface & core confidence, as well as how to translate these types of confidence seamlessly to the dating scene.

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The Guy Texting Quiz

Think you got the skills to grab a man's attention over text? Let's find out! 


The Screw-up Spectrum

Find yourself in some hot water with a guy? Want to know if your situation is salvageable with him? 


The Attachment Assessment

Feel like you fall too hard for men too quickly? This assessment will tell you how severe your case is.


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