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Discover the step-by-step formula to completely level up your dating life and start effortlessly attracting high-quality, relationship-ready men to you in only 6 weeks

Even if you’re shy, lacking looks, divorced, widowed or you’ve never had a boyfriend…


What Is The Boyfriend Blueprint™?

The Boyfriend Blueprint™ is a 6-week personal development program for those who want to release baggage from old relationships, successfully & efficiently source and sort high-quality men and create a long-lasting, sustainable relationship with the lucky guy you choose to be your boyfriend.

Whether you’re a first-time dater or just getting “back in the game," this program will meet you wherever the dating & relationship bus is picking you up. 

The Boyfriend Blueprint™ is taught through 5 modules released over a 6-week period. Each module contains a series of videos 100% led by leading dating coach Ryan Patrick, a Youtuber with over 330K subscribers, who guides you through actionable assignments and worksheet exercises. Students are fully supported by The Boyfriend Blueprint™ support team for up to one (1) year that they'll have access to the program.

Who is The Boyfriend Blueprint for?

  • First-time daters
  • Those who’ve been “out-of-the-game” for a while
  • Those recently divorced or who have become widowed
  • Those who are finding little to no results with online and/or traditional dating
  • The age range for students so far has been women ages 22-71.

Addressing Your Past

We're doing the deep personal development work to get you re-wired and optimized, so that your past works in your favor and not against you.

Module 1 Lessons
1.1 - Cycles of Seven
1.2 - Values Blueprint
1.3 - The Boys Club
1.4 - Visualization

Module 1 Takeaways
This is where your first personal development shift takes place

You'll fill out your "Initial Assessment" to articulate your starting point


Removing Current Barriers

We'll explore your present-day lives and examine the “blindspots” that might be holding you back in ways you never thought they could.

Module 2 Lessons
2.1 - The Time Chart
2.2 - Circle of Influence
2.3 - Work + Money
2.4 - Passion-Proofing™
2.5 - A Tale of Two Vices

Module 2 Takeaways
This is where your second personal development shift takes place


Solidifying New Mindsets

We'll revamp your mindset to include things that put you in control with men so you're never waiting around for things to happen anymore.

Module 3 Lessons
3.1 - Dating Mantras
3.2 - Dealbreakers
3.3 - The Guy Funnel™
3.4 - Sourcing Guy Traffic
3.5 - The Myth of Mr. Right

Module 3 Takeaways
This is where the psychological approach bridges with the tactical approach

You’ll complete your "Midway Assessment"


Meeting Great Men

We'll get much deeper into the tactical courtship process with men and optimize your dating game, leaving you satisfied and smiling until you ultimately choose a boyfriend.

Module 4 Lessons
4.1 - The Art of Getting Messy
4.2 - Platonic vs. Potential
4.3 - Building the Bullpen™
4.4 - Mastering Texting with Men
4.5 - Crushing Dates
4.6 - Sex + Other Boundaries

Module 4 Takeaways
This is where what needs to happen step-by-step with men becomes crystal clear to you BEFORE becoming exclusive with him


Strengthening The Bond

We'll discuss exactly how men naturally begin fighting for you and your relationship.

Module 5 Lessons
5.1 - The Relationship Tone
5.2 - The Homebody Antidote™
5.3 - Family + Friends
5.4 - Winning Communication™
5.5 - The Two Pillars
5.6 - Companionship

Module 5 Takeaways
This is where you'll learn how your bond with him becomes satisfying and sustainable AFTER becoming exclusive with him


Observing Your Path

You'll take a look back at where you came from to where you’ve ascended to.

Module 6 Takeaways
You’ll complete your "Final Assessment"


- 5 ½-Hour Video Course 
- 30 Downloadable Worksheets
- Weekly Check-In Emails
- 1-Year Course Access

By the end of this 6-week program, you’ll have:

Dynamic Confidence

Gain full tactical and psychological confidence to manage your emotions and handle ANY man you meet

Expert-Level Sourcing

Know where to find high-quality men readily and easily that meet your newly-calibrated standards

Intuitive Relationship Readiness

Learn the skill sets to build a deep connection with a man that lead to a long-lasting, sustainable relationship with him

Hear directly from women about their biggest changes they've seen in themselves since finishing the program:

Turn on the sound to hear past students describe their experiences with the course.

Here is exactly what you
get when you join:

  • 5 ½-Hour Video Course Broken Up Into 5 Modules
  • Weekly “Accountability” Emails
  • Downloadable Worksheets + Resources
  • Full-Year Access To All Course Perks And Materials
  • 3 Progress Assessments Throughout The Course

You'll get access to ONE module per week, so that you have a full week to dive into the lessons and lean into that portion of the work BEFORE moving onto the next.

This is intentional. It is done this way to help you manage a good pace with the material and to ensure that you're building on the skills you acquire each step along the way.

"This course provided the guidelines for maintaining independence, self-respect, self-worth, and how to slow down and consider what to offer, when, to whom, and how to determine the quality of returns on my investment. I feel as though I can date when I am ready, in a way that I am not utilized, not taken advantage of, and not wasting my time and resources. Dating becomes an experience rather than a chore, set of expectations I have to meet, or test to pass."

- Anna, 41

"I’m a teacher, and I liked how all the assignments were very helpful. There was zero busy work. Everything you had within the assignments had value and was worth my time doing. And I found myself watching the videos multiple times, but also going through the assignments multiple times, as well, because I got so much out of them. Every aspect of them was of value...”

- Michele, 34

"[The course] was offered at the perfect point in my life. Being divorced and single, I was more ready for this experience than I had originally thought. Thank you for your guidance."

- Lisa, 54

"It's not really about finding a boyfriend. It was really, I think, about finding myself. To be a better version of myself."

- Sarah, 37

"You have to love yourself and feel good about yourself and get rid of some baggage before you know exactly what you want and what you can put out to other people. The course helped me get rid of a lot of the baggage that I had in order to better myself and to help find the person that I’m really looking for..."

- Nancy, 57

"The investment is absolutely worth it. You are going to be investing your time, and you really have to take the time to dedicate to doing this work. And once you’re done with the program, go through it again. Because the second time, third time, fourth time, however many times you go through it, you’re going to pick up on something new. And it is so worth it..."

- Mollie, 28

Hey y'all!
I'm dating coach Ryan Patrick!

About a decade ago, I found myself lost and broken for years after an ex walked away from me. A stranger at my gym helped me see that my solution was actually buried in my pain…

Once I realized I could get back to happiness by helping others who were experiencing the same pain I was, the lightbulb clicked on for me. I’ve been a dating coach ever since.

Ironically, the journey I took to finding happiness again is very similar to the one you’ll take with me in The Boyfriend Blueprint.

We’ll systematically work from your past to realign your core values, let go of old, outdated pain and build a new engine in you that drives you towards a successful, sustainable relationship with a man you’ve carefully curated into your life.




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*Total Cost After 2 Payments: $594