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Ryan Patrick Is One Of The Top 10 Dating & Relationship Coaches For Women on Youtube

Whether it’s tips on sending him text messages, sizing up his body language, interpreting his long-term behavior or understanding his psychology, dating & relationship coach Ryan Patrick has you and over 330k women worldwide covered.

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The Most Valuable FREE Training You Can Ever Take For Your Love Life!

Ryan’s free training sessions are exactly like his paid one-on-one sessions - no fluff, no games, no B.S., period. If you can handle an hour’s worth of work, you can handle these training sessions. Just bring a pen, some paper, and an open mind. Let’s get to work!

With Ryan’s Dating Confidence Masterclass, master both your “surface” and “core” confidence by learning new mindset strategies in how you think about men, adjusting your core values from childhood to match the confident adult you, and simplifying how you evaluate men as long-term partners in just 45 minutes.

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With Ryan’s Online Dating Training, learn how to leverage the right dating apps with the best matching algorithms, write dynamic profiles that tease your story, and sort through men methodically and efficiently in just 30 minutes.

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Read experiences from women who’ve applied Ryan’s dating advice and had success!

Ryan’s testimonials come from course students, one-on-one clients, Youtube subscribers and more. They were produced by real women who’ve had real experiences working with Ryan and his techniques.

"I’m a teacher, and I liked how all the assignments were very helpful. There was zero busy work. Everything you had within the assignments had value and was worth my time doing. And I found myself watching the videos multiple times, but also going through the assignments multiple times, as well, because I got so much out of them. Every aspect of them was of value...”

- Michele, 34

"You have to love yourself and feel good about yourself and get rid of some baggage before you know exactly what you want and what you can put out to other people. The course helped me get rid of a lot of the baggage that I had in order to better myself and to help find the person that I’m really looking for..."

- Nancy, 57

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Become Ryan Patrick’s Next Student In One Of His Well-Reviewed, Deep-Dive Video Courses!

Ryan’s paid programs expand exponentially on his free trainings to provide you the deepest level of knowledge and practical exercise on items like improved confidence, texting men, and online dating, etc. Clear your afternoon, grab a snack, and let the transformation begin!

The Boyfriend Blueprint

Immerse yourself in Ryan's most popular flagship 6-week personal development program for those who want to release baggage from old relationships, successfully & efficiently source and sort high-quality men and create a long-lasting, sustainable relationship with the lucky guy you choose to be your boyfriend.

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The Texting Field Guide

Crush your texting convos with men *instantly* through this highly-focused training by Ryan on how to handle the 10 most common texting scenarios with the men you like.

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The Online Dating Field Guide

Master the art of online dating with Ryan's inside tips and tricks on everything from creating a magnetic profile to converting online messaging with men into in-person dates.

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Ryan Patrick Joins The Big Kid Problems Podcast To Discuss His Top Dating Mantras

In this podcast, Ryan reveals a few of his hard-line dating mantras he constantly conveys to clients revolving around texting men, first dates and more. Listen now!

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