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Learn The Top Ten Texting Skills You Need To Grab A Man’s Attention, Get Him to Ask You Out & Keep ANY Interaction With Him Fun, Flirty & Focused In Just 90 Minutes

Even If You’re A Bad Texter, Not Creative, Or Don’t Socialize With Men Much At All…

Unsure of how and when to text message men you like? Have your texts gone unanswered for a few days and want to know what to do?

Welcome to The Boyfriend Blueprint: Field Guide Volume 1 on Texting! In just 90 minutes, become a **master** at weeding out unserious men wasting your time, escalating conversations with men that share your interests and values, and expertly moving those conversations with men from text messages to dates.

I know… it’s NOT what you want to hear. But the truth is, your texting abilities can help lead you to the outcomes you desire with a man… or they can lead to him simply disappearing

That’s why I created the Texting Field Guide. I want you to feel **confident** in every text you send to him.

Getting you super confident in texting involves a TWO-PART process:

  • Getting your mindset clear on why you’re texting him the way you’re texting him
  • Giving you text examples of what to send him and when

I’ve literally helped hundreds of women just like you craft thousands of text messages that led them to getting dates, boyfriends and even husbands ;)

I know I can help you too. Get my Texting Field Guide and keep it handy for when you need it.

- Dating Coach Ryan Patrick

The Field Guide Series

Field Guides are focused, tactical video tutorials dedicated to specific aspects of dating and men. They act as supplemental material to Ryan Patrick’s broader online video course, The Boyfriend Blueprint, which can be purchased separately.

Who is this Field Guide for?

  • First-time daters
  • Experienced daters finding below-average to NO results
  • Those who’ve been “out-of-the-game” for a while
  • Those recently divorced or who have become widowed
The Boyfriend Blueprint Course Curriculum

10 - Texting Scenarios

- First Contact
- Scheduling Dates
- Flaking
- Ghosting
- Submarining
- Complimenting
- Flirting
- Sexting
- Arguing
- Him Pulling Away


Scenario Analysis

Each scenario will include a sample text from a guy, analysis on what he is thinking when he sends the text and what your mindset should be when receiving it.


30 - Response Options

Copy and paste response options for each texting scenario, or the ability to craft your own.

By the end of this course, you’ll have:

Enhanced B.S. Detection

Know immediately when guys are stringing you along or have credible intentions through his texts

Intuitive Timing

Know how to pace out your text messaging with men to move the conversation along and keep him wanting more

Communication Clarity

Know how to craft texts that clearly convey your own intentions and let him know your time is valuable

Ryan Patrick is one of the top dating & relationship coaches for women on Youtube. His dating advice Youtube channel has garnered over 330k subscribers. He’s successfully helped thousands of women all over the world accelerate their learning curve in the dating game with his tactful, psychologically-rooted strategies and “tough love” approach.

Here is exactly what you get when you join:

  • 1 ½-Hour Video Course Broken Up Into Ten (10) Texting Scenarios
  • Lifetime Access To All Course Videos

You'll get immediate FULL ACCESS to all course videos to complete at your own pace after purchase.

The Texting Video Course

Crush your texting convos with men *instantly* through this highly-focused training by Ryan on how to handle the 10 most common texting scenarios with the men you like.

  • 1 ½-Hour Video Course
  • 10 Texting Scenarios
  • 30 Response Options
  • Lifetime Access To All Course Materials


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The Field Guides Bundle

Purchase Ryan's Texting & Online Dating Field Guides together and receive the best possible discount you'll find.

  • 2 Field Guides
  • 6-Hours of Video Course Material 
  • Downloadable Worksheets + Resources
  • Lifetime Access To All Course Materials

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