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Learn How To Gain MASSIVE Confidence, Reconnect With Your Intuition & Magnetically Attract High-Quality, Relationship-Ready Men To You In Just 45 Minutes

Even If You’re Shy, Lacking Looks, Divorced, Widowed Or “Past Your Prime”...

Do you ever overinvest in a man too soon, overlook a man’s “deal-breaking” traits, or over-crave a man’s companionship?

Do you wish you had the outer confidence to cut loose with cute guys on dates and had the inner confidence to say “bye bye” to the flaky guy once and for all?

Welcome to the Dating Confidence Masterclass! In just 45 minutes, master both your “surface” and “core” confidence by learning new mindset strategies in how you think about men, adjusting your core values from childhood to match the confident adult you, and simplifying how you evaluate men as long-term partners.

*This is a FREE workshop and no credit card is required.

Who is the Dating Confidence Masterclass for?

  • First-time daters
  • Experienced daters finding below-average to NO results
  • Those who’ve been “out-of-the-game” for a while
  • Those recently divorced or who have become widowed

Hey! I'm dating and relationship coach Ryan Patrick, and I’d like to invite you to attend a very special free training:

Dating Confidence Masterclass

If you’re ready to break free from the anxiety of dating men and step into the shoes of someone fully guided by their intuition to date more efficiently and intuitively... this is for you.

Here’s what you’ll gain from my 45-minute FREE training...

Improved Surface Confidence

Learn the tactical approach to dating men, starting from the time you start interacting with a man up until date #3 with him

Enhanced Core Confidence

Learn the psychological approach to dating men by addressing and realigning your core values with the help of your intuition

Expert-Level Sorting

Learn about my secret sorting method, The Guy Funnel™, a customizable tool that can save you days, weeks, or even YEARS of your dating journey from dating the wrong men

Are you ready to level up your dating confidence?

Confidence is just around the corner!

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“I am so glad I took this class, I have learned so much about myself and especially to listen to my intuition, and pay attention to those deal breakers!” 
– Zeldah

“Honestly, thank you so much. You've made me feel like I'm back on track, and given me the confidence and resolve to say "bye bye" to the flaky guy - onwards and upwards!”
– Editha

“This is going deep! I just watched the video and made it through the exercises. This is getting real… honest and true value acknowledgment. It opens up who I really am inside and to believe the reality. Thank you so much for the worksheets!”
– Irina

“This masterclass has been extremely helpful, especially for someone like me who has never had a boyfriend before. I feel like l'm more prepared.”
– Rebecca

“Thanks for this Ryan. I realized that all the deal breakers were pretty much what attracted me to the 'wrong' guys in the past. It's like I've been self sabotaging all this time. Now l've got the toolkit to stop me ignoring the red flags which I was sailing past thinking 'oh it's not that big a deal' when it really was the longer I let it go on.”
– Vanessa

“I wish someone had told me all this back when I was in my 20's. I am now 76 and a widow. What a blessing it has been to acquire this knowledge. I just had my very first date in 50 years and am scheduled for date # 2 with this very nice gentleman. Thank you for boosting my confidence. I love that timeline and tactics sheet!”
– Grandma Sheryl

“Wow! Loved this video. There’s so much going through my head right now. I definitely know that I have struggled with putting on the rose colored glasses in part to not knowing how to stay objective and partly due to lacking confidence in myself OR listening to my intuition and not knowing what it felt like to trust or feel safe with a man. This class is great.”
– Allison

“I wish I knew about The Guy Funnel a few months ago. I wasted 2 months dating this guy who's true colors were revealed. I ignored my intuition which was right! If I had this tool earlier, l would have ended the relationship way sooner! Thank you so much for your great advice! I'm a lot wiser now when it comes to dating!”
– Barbara

Ryan Patrick is one of the top dating & relationship coaches for women on Youtube. His dating advice Youtube channel has garnered over 330k subscribers. He’s successfully helped thousands of women all over the world accelerate their learning curve in the dating game with his tactful, psychologically-rooted strategies and “tough love” approach.

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“Being yourself” on dates really just means that you bring your intuition along for the fun.

It’s easy to get jaded after several lackluster dates that don’t go anywhere. Things get much more collaborative, creative and exciting after you reconnect with your intuition and have a clear vision of what you seek in a partnership.

Dating Confidence Masterclass:
GAIN Confidence,
Don’t GAME Confidence!

I've Taught Thousands Of Women To Get More Dating Confident And You're Next!

*This is a FREE workshop and no credit card is required.