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Eharmony has the inside track when it comes to creating great connections with men online, no doubt. By leveraging their personality matching algorithm, you’ll quickly sort out men who didn’t fill out their entire relationship questionnaire, and therefore aren’t serious about finding a real connection with you. Eharmony captures “the cream of the crop,” when it comes to quality guys, and sends them to your inbox -- if they match with your personality.

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Get 20% OFF Your Purchase Now

You need TWO (2) main components when it comes to finding success with your chosen online dating platform - 1. FULL messaging capabilities and a 2. DYNAMIC personality matching algorithm. That’s where eharmony comes in. Over the past two decades, they’ve fine-tuned their approach to remain the industry leader in creating more long-term relationships than any other company out there. I’ve been pointing my clients to eharmony since 2014 and teaching them how to leverage the platform to source the highest-quality men.

Get 20% OFF Your Purchase Now

The Score That Tells You More.

eharmony provides detailed personality insight into every man who completes the 150-question relationship questionnaire.

The eharmony Guarantee.

If you’re not satisfied with your matches in the first three months, eharmony will give you an additional three months free.

Success Stories For Ages.

In eharmony’s 20+-year existence, millions of couples have found lasting love consistently throughout their history.

"If you’re a student of The Boyfriend Blueprint or my Online Dating Field Guide, there’s no secret - I’m an eharmony fanatic. Dating is a volume play, but your experience can quickly go sideways if you don’t make technology properly work for you. Eharmony will do the heavy lifting and only put the most promising leads in front of you. I haven’t seen any other platform achieve the sorting power that eharmony provides. They’re the place to be - simply put."

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Get 20% OFF Your Purchase Now